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Turkey Genes

11/18/22: Students in Mrs. Russell’s class have been learning about genetics and punnet squares. With thanksgiving quickly approaching, she wanted to give them a fun activity that reinforced what they have learned. They enjoyed creating turkeys based on a punnet squares worksheet they completed.

Taking Math Outside

11/17/22: Using newly learned Trigonometry, Coach Moore's Geometry students found the height of different objects around the high school campus. This indirect measurement uses a phone to get the angle of elevation and a tape measure to find the horizontal distance from the person to the object. Using the tangent function, students found the height of the object.

Christmas Show - December 9th at 7:00 PM

The annual choir Christmas show is coming December 9th. Come celebrate with us as we bring in the holidays. It is going to be a special night filled with Christmas cheer. I've also heard a rumor that not only will Santa be there, he will be singing with us! Tickets are on sale now for $5.00 or a $7.00 cover charge at the door with no ticket.

Mock Interviews

11/17/22: Mr. Dixon's and Mr. Tipler's CCR students gained some great interviewing experience through taking part in mock interviews. Each student was able to practice the skills they have been learning in class by dressing professionally, presenting their resume, answering interview questions, asking questions of their interviewer, practicing their interviewing etiquette and body language, and even following up with a thank you email to their interviewer.

Job Genius Celebration

11/17/22: Coach Tipler's College and Career Readiness class celebrated their completion of the Job Genius series, which is provided to our students by Express Employment Professionals of Tupelo.

Welcome to the Real World

11/11/22: Mrs. Jane Chamblee of MSU Extension presented Welcome to the Real World to our College and Career Readiness students. At different stations students learned about money management. They received assigned jobs, spent their income, registered their expenses, and updated the balances of their checkbooks. When participants ran out of money, they got a second—or third—job!

How to Tie a Tie

11/11/22: Dr. Ensley Howell of MSU Extension visited and taught College and Career Readiness students how to tie a tie. Very few students already knew that skill. By the end of the classes with Dr. Howell, all 78 of the students could tie a tie. Students had so much fun learning that life skill, together, with their classmates.

Dual Enrollment Career Class Opportunities

11/9/22: There is a limited amount of dual enrollment scholarships available, through ICC and NEMCC, for current 11th and 12th grade PHS students who meet dual enrollment requirements. These independent study opportunities for college credit are provided through Toyota Wellspring/CREATE and cover the cost of one online college class per scholarship recipient for Spring 2023 in one of the following career interest fields: Healthcare, STEM, and Hospitality and Tourism. Courses offered are:
Introduction to Health Professions II - NEMCC
Fundamentals of Construction and Manufacturing - ICC
Restaurant and Catering Operations - ICC

Los Alebrijes - Spanish Project

11/4/22: Alebrijes are considered Mexican Spirit Animals. According to the pre-Hispanic traditions in Oaxaca, Mexico, everyone has an Alebrije from the moment of birth that guides them and help them communicate with nature. It was also linked to the divine because the goods were also linked to a specific animal. After studying about these animals, Mrs. Polly's Spanish 1 students created artwork that was inspired by their spirit animals found online with their birth dates, or simply following their heart and creativity. This activity was part of the ¨Dia de Los Muertos¨ celebration.
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