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ACT Bookcamp

Jan. 26, 2022 PHS students have the opportunity to attend ACT review sessions in Science, Math, Reading/Vocabulary, and English/Grammar during the month of February. Contact the office to sign up!

A Cheesy Pythagorean Theorem

Jan. 24, 2022 In Mr. James’s Geometry class, students explored the Pythagorean theorem using Cheezits! It was easy to prove that a2+b2=c2 using the cheese crackers. Making a square along each side, side a needed 16 Cheezits, side b need 9 Cheezits, and side c needed 25 Cheezits. Since 9+16=25, a2+b2=c2! Now time for a snack!
Summer Camp at Ole Miss

Summer Camp Opportunities through CREATE

Jan. 20, 2022 SIGN UP NOW! Summer Camp Opportunities for interested high school students are now available at Ole Miss for students interested in Robotics, Engineering and Pharmacy. Camp registration needs to be directly related to the student's future career field.

Dual Enrollment Opportunities

Jan. 19, 2022 Nine future healthcare majors are taking part in a special dual enrollment program funded through the CREATE Foundation's Toyota Wellspring Education Fund. This semester, these PHS students are taking Medical Terms in Allied Health, virtually, through Itawamba Community College. This is a general medical terminology course concerning word structure, pronunciation and application of the body and systems of the body.

Warrior Hall of Fame

Dec. 21, 2021 Thank you, Coach Bain, for choosing Pontotoc City School. We love you and wish you well on your retirement. 47 Years of Service, 50 State Championships, 8 Times State Coach of the Year, 3 Times Regional Coach of the Year, 1 Time National Coach of the Year

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