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Mission Statement

Pontotoc High School



Our mission at Pontotoc High School is to cultivate civic-minded, global thinking Warriors of distinction who are college and career ready by promoting integrity and fostering success through resilience.




Refining today's Warriors into tomorrow's leaders





Our Core Values at Pontotoc High School are

  1. ACHIEVEMENT - Cultivating achievement through a rigorous curriculum that focuses on our students being college and career ready
  2. COMMUNITY - Cultivating community by building relationships with all school stakeholders.
  3. HONOR - Cultivating honor by building strong character, promoting good sportsmanship, and inspiring positive ambassadors for the school and community
  4. INTEGRITY - Cultivating integrity by creating an atmosphere that promotes respect for all
  5. UNITY - Cultivating unity through a wide variety of academic and extracurricular opportunities accessible to all


The following belief statements underscore the vision and mission of
Pontotoc High School:

  • All students are learners.
  • Students’ learning needs are the chief priority of all decisions impacting the work of the school.
  • Teaching and learning are the shared responsibility of the student, teacher, home and supported by the community.
  • Learning involves decision-making, problem solving, and risk-taking where students are actively engaged in the learning process and are provided opportunities to apply their learning in meaningful contexts.
  • Students learn in different ways and should be provided a variety of instructional approaches and assessment opportunities to support learning and demonstrate their achievement.
  • A safe and physically comfortable environment promotes student learning.
  • The value of each individual student is promoted through positive relationships, mutual respect and understanding of cultural diversity.
  • The commitment to continuous improvement is imperative