MSU Career Camp Opportunities

Please make direct contact with the camp contact if you are interested in applying for CREATE scholarship funding for your student.  They should give you a scholarship code to register.  This funding is first come, first served and must be requested by the parent/guardian.  Parents are responsible for their student's camp registration and transportation to and from camp. Before signing up for a camp, please make sure your student has a sincere interest in attending and knows they are available to attend on the specific camp dates. Links concerning the camps and the camp contact information are shown below.
CREATE/Toyota Wellspring Scholarship Funded Camps
Parent may request funding for the camp, however the parent is responsible for the application fee.  This funding is first come, first served.
These opportunities are also available, through other funding sources:
Free Camp Opportunity
$25 Engineering Camps and One Free Transportation Camp Opportunity
For any general or additional information, please call (662) 325-4140 or contact MSU Camps and Conference Staff at [email protected] .