November Students of the Month: SENIORS & JUNIORS

Jack stays focused and committed to learning in my class. He has opportunities to take the easy way out or not be concerned with truly understanding the material. He instead chooses to ask questions and puts in the work needed to succeed.

Mr. James


Harlee always completes her work in class, and then always helps other students in need. She goes above and beyond with her work in class, as well as outside of class in athletics.

 Mrs. Kelly


Buddy has a great attitude and outlook on life. He brings humor to my class every day.

Mr. Arnold


Bentley is such a smart young lady that seems to really have a desire to learn. In science, she is always inquisitive, and asks questions. She also has some great insight when we have discussions. I can see a bright future for her if she decides to pursue a career in health care.

Coach Pollard